How to get from A to B

Map of the Principality of Waldenburg

Map of the Principality of Waldenburg

I was at A. I wanted to get to B. I did not know how to get to B. The questions that came naturally were :

– what do I have to do to get from A to B ?
– what did others do to get to B ?

I never questioned those questions. I should have. Those were wrong questions. The question should have been :

– what must I change in myself to become the person I need to be to be at B ?

And the answer is simple : it is not possible to know from the onset.

I could not have recognized what had to be changed in myself, because recognition implies cognition, or in other words, recognition implies knowing already. Knowing comes from experience. If I had already known, it would have meant that I had already experienced B. But I had not.

Furthermore, even if I could have recognized what needed to be changed, I could not necessarily have conceived the experiences needed to effect those changes.

Some people follow programs hoping to stop smoking and find that it doesn’t work for them. Some people see a man smoking and coughing his lungs out and stop on the spot.

So how did I get to B ?

Again the answer is simple : I followed my heart and trusted the process.


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